Meet the Team

Caitlin Hungate, MDP

Training Center Director

Caitlin Hungate has twelve years of domestic and international experience providing training and technical assistance (TTA). She has worked on a variety of TTA projects that focus on sexual and reproductive health, family planning, and reproductive justice and integrates principles of adult learning theory and using evidence-based approaches. In addition to her work for the MA Sexual & Reproductive Health Training Center, Ms. Hungate has also served as a TTA provider on three national training center projects from 2012-present to support Title X family planning providers through TTA on topics related to financial management, billing and coding, cost analysis, integrating with primary care, integrating substance use screening in reproductive health visits, integrating telemedicine, and applying a health equity lens to sexual and reproductive health services.

Daphne Mazuz, MPH

Training Center Assistant Director

Daphne Mazuz has 15 years of experience in public health, non-profit management, and communications. Along with her work on the MA Sexual & Reproductive Health Training Center she provides training and technical assistance for the New York State Family Planning Training Center. In her previous role, Ms. Mazuz worked closely with healthcare providers and systems, primarily in the OB/GYN space, on implementing and sustaining patient-centered group care. She has also worked on assessment and evaluation research projects in the fields of HIV and maternal health. In addition, Ms. Mazuz has over a decade of experience in the abortion funds movement, serving in both statewide and national leadership positions.

Jennifer Kawatu, RN, MPH

Clinical Advisor

Jennifer Kawatu has almost twenty years of experience developing and delivering training and technical assistance for sexual and reproductive health providers. She combines her background in women’s health nursing and public health, to provide training and technical assistance with a particular focus on using proven, data-driven approaches to advancing equity, access, and quality of services. In addition to her role with the Massachusetts Sexual and Reproductive Health Training Center, she serves as the Office on Women’s Health Team Lead for the Reproductive Health National Training Center. Outside of work Jennifer is a mother who likes to spend time reading, hiking, cooking and knitting.

Chanel Richmond, MPH

Resource Manager

Chanel Richmond, MPH, has over 5 years of public health experience in direct services, facilitation, training and technical assistance (TTA), and conducting qualitative health research. She has worked on projects related to reproductive services, women’s health, infant mortality, chronic disease, HIV, and more. Ms. Richmond oversees the MASRH Training Center website and its robust resources. She ensures all content is up-to-date, accurate, and relevant to SRH providers across Massachusetts and maintains the LMS (learning management system) to provide quality e-learning experiences. Overall, Ms. Richmond has a passion for creating a more equitable world and addressing health inequities created by racism.

Hannah Meharg

Training Center Associate

Hannah Meharg is a Project Associate at the JSI Providence Office. Throughout her four years at JSI, she has worked on a variety of projects pertaining to HIV, substance use prevention and mental health promotion, workforce development within the behavioral health field, and sexual and reproductive health. As a member of the MA SRH Training Center team, Ms. Meharg provides support around TTA coordination and provision, communications, website maintenance, and project monitoring, reporting, and evaluation. Passionate about reproductive justice and creating new pathways to establish greater health equity and accessibility, she is happy to be working with MA sexual and reproductive healthcare providers.